The original Hop Yard Alehouse & Grill in Pleasanton, California, is located on what was once the largest hop farm in the world. From the 1880's to the beginning of World War I, the Pleasanton Hop Company operated on 1900 acres of swampy marshland along what is now Hopyard Road.  Pleasanton hops were world renowned.

The Pleasanton Hop Company was an economic powerhouse that brought people together from near and far to work hard and play hard as well.  We have tried to recapture some of our local heritage here at The Hop Yard. The renaissance of small brewpubs and microbreweries has allowed us to step back to the pre-Prohibition era when the Pleasanton Hop Company was in its heyday.

We have created a simple place, reminiscent of simpler times, for friends to gather and enjoy themselves. So please, indulge in our fine fare and sample some of this region's most unique and interesting brews on tap.






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